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Elastic Bungee for Car SUV Pick-up Truck Trailer Cargo Roof

1. 6" x 6" Square Mesh
2. 6mm Bungee Thickness
3. Size 48" x 60" (122cm x 132cm)
4. Available in Black,Blue,Red,Green
5. Material:high quality PP yarn+rubber thread,high quality PP yarn+Latex thread
6. Hooks:18 Durable Plastic Hooks

1.Extreme caution should be taken when cords/straps are stretched.
2.DO NOT stretch beyond 50% of unstretched length.
3.DO NOT OVERSTRETCH.Hook should be firmly held and securely fastened.
4.When stretched,the cord/strap may rebound and snap back with considerable force.
5.Care should be taken that the face and other vulnerable body parts are kept away from potential cord/strap rebound.
6.Protective eyewear should be worn when fastening and releasing product.
7.If hooks,cords or straps show signs of wear.DO NOT USE.cheap bungee net
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