18 Inch Powered And Passive Subwoofer Price list

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Sanway RS18 consists of two 18” long excursion drivers in a birch plywood cabinet for Low profile, high output system. The new technology permitting acoustic distance from rear to front sections to always increase as frequency decreases. Its interior components shall be protected by a powder coated perforated steel grille. With frequency response down to 30Hz, sensitivity 105dB, the RS18 is versatile for installations and touring requirements where large format sub-bass cabinets are required.

Key Features
1. Low profile, high output subwoofer;
2. Two 18” long excursion drivers inside;
3. 18mm birch plywood cabinet enclosure;
4. Configurable directivity pattern;
5. Cardioid pattern reduces rear levels by minimising rear/side wall reflections

Components2 x 18"
Frequency Response @ -3db30Hz–100Hz
Usable Range @ -6db29Hz–250Hz
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m105dB SPL
Peak SPL @ 1m143–146dB Peak
Crossover FrequencyFrom 75Hz to 100Hz
Nominal Impedance2 x 8Ω
Power rated2x1750W
ConstructionBirch plywood
Connectors4 x NL4MP SPEAKON
Net Weight 90Kg
Dimension520 x 1268 x 732mm
18 Inch Powered And Passive Subwoofer Price list
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