China Solar Generator 500w factory

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★Our History
Unione establish since 2017

★Our Factory

Shenzhen Union One Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017,we are one new energy company focus on R&D, production and sales,Unione is professional manufacture factory can provide energy storage power supply, portable backup power supply, solar charging panel etc new energy products.We have our own R&D technical team with rich experience.

Unione committed to the development of new energy career,taking new energy products as the market orientation,with the sim of serving customers,located in Shenzhen,serve to domestic and foreign customer,Our criterion is environmental protection, safety and reliability, stable power supply and economy, To provide high-quality new energy products with high quality, high efficiency and energy saving as features.

We insist on providing high cost-effective products and comprehensive customized services. In order to exceed your expectations, we will make unremitting efforts to provide the most advanced, reliable and practical products and services to our customers.

Our products have passed 3C, CE, UL, FCC, SAA, GS and other global multi-national certification, and promote ROHS certification, REACH and other environmental protection systems, with advanced precision mold processing equipment, production equipment and testing equipment. The company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, welcome to patronize.

★Our Product

Portable solar power generator、Portable inverter、Foldable solar panel

★Product Application

Home power supply,Outdoor camping power supply

★Our Certificate

FCC、MSDSChina Solar Generator 500w factory
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