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HBY buffer ring is made up of high performance 93 shore A PU and POM support ring. It is used as a primary sealing element in hydraulic cylinders. Therefore, it should be absolutely used in combination with another sealing element.  It has got a structure providing solutions to many problems in hydraulic cylinders such as shock pressure, back pressure etc.
Technical Data    
Pressure: ≤400 Bar    
Temperature: -35℃  to +100℃     
Speed: ≤0.5m/s     
Media: Hydraulic oils (mineral oil-based)     
Material: PU Back-up ring: POM       
Hardness: 93 ±2 Shore A     
Color: Light yellow   Back-up ring: Black      
Unusually high wear resistance    
Insensibility yagainst shock loads and pressure peaks    
Low compression set    
Increased sealing performance at zero pressure    
Easy installation    
For the exact size list and price, please email us.
Hydraulic Seals manufacturers
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