Degassing Series Cleaning Machine price

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Mini Portable Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaner
Ultrasonic scaler is a tooth cleaning machine used in ultrasonic cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaner pushes the tooth cleaner, and the vibrating tooth cleaner head extends into the cavity to loosen plaque, tartar and fine calculus and teeth. Adhesive, break the dirt on the surface of the tooth, while continuously flushing with water, remove the calculus on the surface of the tooth, and complete the cleaning. Ultrasonic scaler in Hangzhou Victoria Medical Beauty Hospital uses mechanical action, warming action and chemical action to achieve the effects of cleansing, esthetics and health care. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation, inhibit tooth inflammation and gum bleeding, and prevent gum atrophy. A commonly used dental cleaning machine.
Working principle:
The ultrasonic frequency electric pulse wave is generated by the electronic oscillating circuit, and after being amplified to a certain intensity, is sent to the transducer, and the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy, and the working head cutter generates the same frequency vibration to achieve the purpose of crushing the calculus and loosening the tartar.
Related applications
Ultrasonic cleaning refers to the use of ultrasonic cleaning instruments to remove tartar, plaque, smog, tea stains, etc. attached to the surface of the teeth, without damaging the gums and enamel, plus the continuous washing of the sprayed water to make the teeth clean. The effect is better and the efficiency is higher. Warm water scaler has the function of root canal washing
Ultrasonic cleaning can not only remove plaque, calculus and tea stains on the surface of the tooth, but also make the teeth white, and can effectively prevent oral diseases such as bad breath, root bleeding, periodontal disease and dental caries.
Tank capacity200ml
Ultrasonic Power15W
Cleanig Time3min & 8min
Tank Size90x72x31.5mm
Unit Size141x95x68mm
Package Size220x181x93mm
N.W. / unit397g
G.W. / unit668g
Warranty1 yearDegassing Series Cleaning Machine price
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