Gadopentetic Acid factory

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XI’AN LIBANG PHARMACEUTICAL CO.,LTD. founded in 1996 with a location in Xi’an City of China, the center of the northwest pharmaceutical industry, is specialized in research, development, production and distribution of specialty pharmaceutical products. As the first and also largest supplier of generic Propofol in China, LIBANG started its business and subsequently launched a broad portfolio finished dosage forms covering anesthetics, cardiovascular, antineoplastic, clinical nutrition etc.
With more than 20 years growth, LIBANG has transformed into an integrated health care solution provider, LIBANG HEALTHCARE GROUP, with diversified fields covering high value-added APIs, pharmaceutical excipients, prescription drugs, OTC products, biomedicine, medical devices.
LIBANG is a technology-driven firm, with more than 8% of the annual sales revenues devoted to research and innovation, establishing a unique R&D platform to proactively follow the latest pharmaceutical technology frontier.
LIBANG now is one of Top 100 China’s Pharmaceutical Industries and also listed in the Top 20 The Most Potential Chinese Pharmaceuticals that was rated by the IMS Health.
LIBANG owns 3 FDF facilities and 3 APIs plants, all of them are operated in strict conformity to GMP.

Xi’an Formulation Plant is located in the Xi`an Hi-Tech Zone, renovated in 2013, has passed CFDA inspection and obtained the national GMP certificate. There are three Small Volume Parenterals production lines dedicated for lipid injectable emulsion: two for ampoules, one for vials.

Baoji Formulation Plant is located in Baoji city, Shaanxi Province, dedicated for Large Volume Parenterals production, obtained the GMP certificate in 2010.

Hanfeng Formulation Plant is a newly GMP facilities built in 2011, equipped with Class B+A Clean Area, has 3 Small Volume injection production lines with annual production capacity of 300 million ampoules and 2 solid dosage production with annual production capacity at 900 million tablets and 240 million capsules.

Xi’an API Plant is built in 1996, occupies 10000 square meters, with workshop area of 400 square meters and clean room area of 240 square meters. The plant is constructed and managed in full compliance with international recognized cGMP, has been successfully inspected and approved by US FDA for 3 times.

Baoji API Plant is established in 2003, occupies 40680 square meters,with 4 workshops, 756 square meters clean area, has 100 tons annual product capacity.

Shenyang API Plant is built in 2008, occupies 69000 square meters.

Science and technology constitute the primary productive force. Research and development are engine of healthcare industries, Libang, as a visionary company, has built an excellent R&D team, possessing three R&D entities: Lipont Pharmaceutical Inc Canada, Xi’an Libang-Zhaoxin Bio-tech Inc and Xi’an Libang Medi-tech Inc. 8% to 10% of annual sale revenues is devoted to R&D, the R&D personnel input is 1% higher in the industry. Based on the domestic and Canadian R&D centers, Libang also networks with experts from leading research institutes at home and abroad, such as Tsinghua University, Northwestern University, University of British Columbia, Canada, established close technical cooperation relationship with several research institutions in the United States. Broad academic thoughts, strong scientific research advantages and high-end technical supports ensure Libang’s sustainable development. “Raising talents to achieve business success”, over the years, Libang’s R&D team has formed Doctoral supervisors, PhDs, Postgraduates as the backbone that is a high-level team with high quality. In the National 100 Talents Scheme, 6 Libang researchers made the list.
An advanced corporate culture is vital in keeping a business moving forward. LIBANG has formed its characteristic culture in the process of its development.

Facing with opportunities and challenges, Libang adheres to the mission statement of “Respecting science, Caring for health”, carries forward the spirit of “Striving to be stronger, fighting together”, on the road of Standardization, Specialization, Saclization, Internationalization, set our sights higher, aiming for continuous improvements, continue a new leap forward, continue a new resplendence, committed to supporting medical professionals in the best therapy of patients, committed to more contributions for all beings' health.

Corporate philosophy: Science oriented, caring for health"

Enterprise Ideology: Striving to become stronger, fighting togetherGadopentetic Acid factory
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