Label Slitting Machine price

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Model S330 S450
Slitting Speed 350m/min 350m/min
Max. Web 370mm 460mm
Max. Slitting Width 330mm 450mm
Min. Slitting Width 12mm 12mm
Cutter Circular / Razor Circular / Razor
Slitting Knife (Up/Down) each 6pcs / set each 6pcs / set
Max. Unwinding Dia. 800mm 800mm
Max. Rewinding Dia. 450mm 450mm
Air Source 0.8mpa 0.8mpa
Weight 1300kgs 1500kgs
Dimension (L * W * H ) 2200*1350*1350mm 2200*1500*1350mm
Machine Feature:
1.  Receive signal from feeding unit or send out signal to inspection unit, Inline with printing machines.
2.  Additional rewinding station.
3.  Unwinder: With Separately servo motor, tapper tension control, lack of material stopping machine.
4.  Web guide: International brand web guide system, High precision.
5.  Plate: Support pre-installed inject printing system.
6.  Slitting: Convenient Slitting unit. Easy for installation and changing the cutter, Suction for trim is with machine.
7.  Rewinding: Tapper tension control system ,Turret rewinding unit. It's convenient for change rolls and save time

1.  Slitting Speed is fast, about 350m/min
2.  All air shafts used on the machine are automatic inflatable
3.  Adopted Automatic Tension System, with automatic taper tension system on unwinding and rewinding units, it’s no need to reset the tension for the slitting operation of big roll or small roll, and the final product is in good quality.
4.  The magnetic powder we use 5 kilograms, more suitable for the slitting of big roll material
5.  Unwinding Unit including automatic stop on roll end, when the roll material goes out, the machine will automatically stop, then we can bonding next roll material at splice plate directly, it’ll save the time of rerun material on the machine.
6.   Web guiding System we use ultrasonic sensor, so it also applies to transparent film. On the upper surface of the web guide system, it’s a splice plate unit with Paper Pressing Device, which is convenient and smooth to bonding two roll material.
7.   With accurately automatic counting function, including pieces/meters modes
8.  The machine with separately servo motor on the upper turret rewinding unit,the device of Preparatory shaft is highly improving the production efficiency, and it support varies size inner cores with conveniently exchange of different diameter air shaft
9.  We provide a pedal-operated switch with the machine, improving the working efficiency of the operator
10.  The machine adopts synchronous belt transmission,nearly no noise when machine running
11.   Imported touch control screen

Q: What's your delivery time?
A: Usually finish the production within 30 days after your 30% advanced payment Actually need to check according our stock & production plan.
Q: Terms of payment?
A: On T/T term, 30% down payment is required in advance,and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment.
Q: How many days will you finish installing ?
A: We will finish installation and training within 7 days.
Q: How long is your machine's warranty period?
A: All our machine have one year guarantee, starting from finished installation.
Q: How could we do if the parts broken within warranty?
A: We would express the free replacement parts during the warranty date.
Q: How many worker do we need running those machines?
A: For flexo printing, slitting, die-cutting machine, only need one person for each.Label Slitting Machine price
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