China Furnace-charging Vehicle

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HNF-120FT is a multipurpose tyre type furnace charging vehicle, with full free lift mast, the maximum lifting height 1400mm, Maximum load of 7 tons,all the charging action is through hydraulic pilot operation Handle to complete it.
1, Adpot Donefeng CUMMINS  turbocharge diesel engine, China stage III emissions, power strong, energy saving and environmental protection, meet the efficient working requirements.
2, Adpot fixed - shaft type hydraulic transmission, the traction force of the combined condition is large, and the double-variable system is more reliable. Twin-turbo hydraulic torque converter stepless speed change; single-lever control transmission system, two forward and two backward gear shift, operation is easier.
3, Adopt dual-pump confluence working hydraulic system, a significant reduction in fuel consumption and energy consumption.
4, Adopt full hydraulic coaxial flow amplification steering system, the turning radius of rear axle is small, steering light and flexible.
5, Adopt front wheel drive, rigid suspension, rear axle steering structure. The front axle spiral bevel gear and the wheel side planetary gear increase toqrue, big load capacity. The rear axle adopts the transverse hydraulic cylinder type steering mechanism, which is helpful to reduce the steering resistance, reduce the tire wear and improve the ride comfort.
6, Adopt unitary frame, can provide good rigidity and strength, ensure that the furnace charging vehicle chassis has high reliability.
7.The working device is full free lift mast, Three - section telescopic arm hydraulic push material, work smoothly and reliably, meet the requirement of feeding operation.
8, Adopt block deepening solid forklift truck solid tires, rear steering bridge can swing around the center, with good traction performance and performance.
9. Matched with adjustable drection, airline seat, joystick control distributing valve and working device control, fexible and convient munipulation,sit confortable.
10. Matched with maintenance-free batteries, multi-function LCD monitor, anti-flame retardant materials wire, cab with fan, radio, air conditioning, comfortable and reliable.
11.The truck shape is high-grade, beautiful, mellifluence; luxury wide view cab, low noise, good sealing, easy to observe around.
Specifications of furnace charging vehicle
Features1.1Rated LoadQ(t)7
1.2Load centerc(mm)600
Chassis3.1Tyre Specs:Front
3.2Tyre Specs:Rear
3.3Tyres Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels) 4×/2
3.4Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)1677
3.5Wheel tread:Rearb11(mm)2013
Dimension4.1Mast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree4.5°/9°
4.2height(fork lowering)h1(mm)3000
4.3Mast lifting height
(full free lift)h3(mm)1400
4.4Overall height(with bucket)l1(mm)8100
4.5Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of the vehiclel2(mm)4550
4.6Overall widthb1/b2(mm)4000
4.7Bucket dimensions/e/l(mm)4000x3000x1200
Performance5.1Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h23/26
5.2Gradeablity(with load/without load)%25
5.3Driving brake Caliper disc brake
Engine6.1Engine brand/model QSB4.5-C130 Dongfeng Cummins
6.2ISO 1585 Engine powerKW97
6.3Rated rotor speedmin-12200
6.4No.of Cylindercm34
others7.1Control type for driving Hydraulic torqueChina Furnace-charging Vehicle
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