China Standby Diesel Generator factory

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 Our History
Taizhou Bison Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in generators, water pumps, engine, high pressure washer, sprayer and so on. We manufacture, we design, we R&D, we OEM, we ODM, we could optimize the resources to bring what customers want.
In year 2015, we started as a small operation, with only 500 square meters factory. The turnover of first year is 2 million USD.
In year 2016, our business goes steadily forward, 95% customer will place the repeat order. The turnover reach 4.2 million USD.
In year 2017, with the fast growing of business, we move to 2900 square meters factory. And we cooperate with a famous Taiwan brand "Whale Best" about sprayer series products. Our product range expanded to meet more customer demands. The turnover doubled again at 8.5 million USD.
Now the 2018 is beginning, we expand a new 3000 square meters factory to target on high pressure washer production.
Now Our products are widely welcomed by 100 Key customers and popular in more than 60 countries all over the world.
 Our Culture
Our Target: To become your personal power station
Our Vaule: We are family, we are partner
 Our Factory
Bison manufactory covered 6,000 square meter with professional manufacturing, R&D and warehousing. Bison has a mature production, quality control, supply chain management system and through ERP management software. We has a professional QC team to ensure the high quality product.China Standby Diesel Generator factory
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