Hydraulic Rigs Price list

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Application scope
ZDY3200LF(A) and ZDY4000LF are splitting crawler mounted drill rigs with low rotary speed and high torque, mainly used to drill gas drainage boreholes with a wide range of possible angles in the roof and water detection/drainage boreholes. It is also used for other cluster borehole drilling operations in underground coal mines.
There are three components of a drill rig: drill unit, pump station and control panel. The control panel can be put on the drill unit during transportation. Three components can be flexibly set up according to the drilling site situation. Rigs have long feed stroke. A new rod can be easily added between rotator and holder to enhance the adaptability and to drill boreholes in a wide range of angles.
ZDY6000LD(F) is suitable for narrow roadway drilling operations. The drill rig consists of the drill unit and the pump station, which are separated for easy transportation.

Mode Drilling capacity
mThe hole diameter
mmThe brake torque
The maximum torque
Amount of mud pump
Mud pump
Dip angle of holepower demensions/m

MODELDrilling depth
pipe diam
/mmMax. torque
/N.mTurn speed
/r/minMain shaft angle/Max pulling force
/kNPulling force route
/mmRated Power
/kWMail volu
/LMax walk
ing speed
abilityGround pressure /MpaPlatform cornerHost demensions
/mpower demensions
1.46Hydraulic Rigs Price list
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