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LJB1200C Asphalt Mixing Plant
Output Capacityt/h72-96
Vibrating Screen 4×4
Accumulated Aggregate Measuring Accuracy  ±0.5%
Powder Measuring Accuracy ±0.35%
Asphalt Measuring Accuracy ±0.25%
Noise LeveldB(A)≤70
Dust Emissionmg/Nm3Water-Type Dust Collector(Optional Bag Dust Collector)
Cold Feed Hopper Capacitym36×4
• Advanced module design, compact modern structure, convenient for transport, simple installation.
• Specially designed dryer vane allocation for high heating efficiency.
• Light oil or heavy oil burner of famous homemade or imported products.
• Cold feed aggregate gradation adopts speed regulating belt, featuring accuracy and convenient adjustment.
• Highly efficient vibrating screen, little vibration on the machine structure.
• Accurate and reliable electronic weight sensor.
• New type of double horizontal axle mixing tank features quick and even mixing and first-class mixing quality.
• Modern computerized control system has various functions like formula storage, report forms printing, trouble monitoring and alarm, etc.Asphalt Mixing Plant suppliers
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