Bridge Saw Made in China

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Four Post Guide Infrared Bridge Cutting Machine
Max. Processing dimension3200×2000×150 mm
Workstation rotation size45°,90°   /  360° (optional)
Saw blade diameter350-600 mm  /  700mm (optional)
Main engine power18.5 kw
Total power23.7 kw
Outline dimension6000×4700×3050
Weight5000 kgs
Water consumption4 m³/h
1. This equipment adopts guide movement with highly precision grinding and manual scraping, the mainparts are processed by heat treatment, the main beam and side beam are smoothed by oil immersed lubricating.
2. It adopts by infared to cut, the cutting speed by inverter control to achieve stepless adjustment, the head movements, table title up, rotation and position are used hydraulic transmission to move. And the main parts are imported with high quality, it can be cut by manually and fully automatic easily.
3. It adopts PLC programmable control system and touch screen operator and combined with high precision encode positioning.
4. The worktable can be stopped Automatic in 90,180,270,360 degree,by hydraulic rotation, and also can be locked in any position Manually.
5. This machine is made of a good steel with high working accuracy and moving stable with long service life.
6. It is applicable to cutting the valuable and large sized stone board for many specificatons.
◆ FAQ:
1. Do you have more stone machines?
Yes, we can produce all series of stone processing machines with competitive price and high quality.
Bridge Saw is one of our machines.
2. Where is your factory?
Our factory locates in Linhai City, it is 1 hours Taizhou airport, 30 minitues form Linhai or Taizhou train station.
3. How much is this machine?
Please tell me your stone is granite or marble, the size, your destination port, so that I can quote you best price
4. How long can I get my product?
Normally it takes 15 days to produce our products.
◆ Our Factory:Bridge Saw Made in China
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