Gas or Electric - Which Pressure Washer is Best For You

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imagePressure washers are thought to be one of man's best innovations. As a cleaning tool, pressure washers are incredibly efficient. With a pressure washer, you can easily and quickly clean just about any surface.

These days, there are a number of different pressure washers available to you. Now there are even portable pressure washers available, which make cleaning a lot easier, and much more efficient. A portable pressure washer makes it easy to clean various parts of a building's exterior.

You can find either a gas or electric powered portable pressure washer. Choosing one unit can be tricky, as there are many types available. Below, you will find a guide to help you assess your needs to find the right portable pressure washer.

First, you will need to bear in mind the amount of power that is produced by the portable pressure washer. The amount of power available in a portable pressure washer ranges from heavy duty, all the way to low power. A light duty model is perfect for simple cleaning tasks such as cleaning the patio or washing your car.

A light duty model runs about 1300 to 2000 psi, about enough to wash the car with. These models are fairly inexpensive and lightweight. The heavy duty pressure washer is a wise choice if you are cleaning more difficult areas such as a building's concrete wall, or the garage floor.

Whether you need a hot or cold water unit is one more decision you will have to make. Your intended use of the machine, as well as budget, will help determine your needs. The cold water model is ideal for normal household cleaning and washing your car. This is the right pressure washer for you if you are on a budget because, as previously stated, they are fairly inexpensive. If your intended use is for spilled oil or grease, then you may want to look for a model that is heavy duty and has hot water capabilities.

If you work with grease and oil, such as in a car repair shop, you will find that they are difficult to clean off the floor. Cold water pressure washers can make cleaning a nightmare as it produces a hard, waxy substance on the surface, whereas hot water pressure washers will soften a stain, making it easy to wash off.

Choosing between electric and gas powered models is the last step. Gas powered models are more popular than electric due to price and portability. Cord length limits the use of electric powered portable pressure washers.

You will get more power and a higher flow rate from a gas powered portable pressure washer. In machines with the same power output, you will find that the electric powered portable pressure washers are higher-priced than the gas. Gas powered pressure washers are not affected by the length of a power cord, making them much more portable and flexible.

Gas powered pressure washers give off harmful gasses, making them inappropriate for indoor use, which is the only disadvantage.

In this price range it is unusual to find a top-quality Cat triplex pump in a gas pressure washer, as found in Unimanix power washers. Unimanix power cleaner stands apart from other gas pressure washers, as it boasts a top-quality Cat triplex pump, which is unusual for models in this price range. According to reviews, it will cost less in the long run to spend a little more money for higher-quality parts.

In consumer-grade electric pressure washers lower than $300, there seems to be no agreement on the best brand, as they all have negative reviews. Electric pressure washers by Karcher, Husky, and Campbell Hausfeld are among the most popular brands, even though all three have mixed reviews. Negative reviews can be harsh. Even when properly used and cared for, experts state that pressure washers within this price range usually don't last long once the warranty expires, making them basically throwaway models.

Unimanix pressure washers boast a turbo nozzle that increases the cleaning pressure, which testers have found very useful on tough stains. Also a plus is the 1.6 gpm rate of flow. Also Unimanix reviewers comment that the dual tank in our models makes it convenient to switch from floor degreaser to vehicle wash, making Unimanix pressure washers highly recommended for universal commercial electric power washers use. Unimanix high-quality, industrial-grade power washers will be an excellent choice for any type of work you need.
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