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Our History
2000 Set up factories in Hengdian
2002 Introduction of drainage pipe production line
2005 Drainage pipe became the leading brand in China
2006 Development of hose process
2010 More than 50 hose new system solutions at home
2014 Fuel hoses became standard in Arabia area
2016 Built a company and moved to Dongyang
Now Keep moving forward, providing high quality hose solution suppliers to customers all over the world
Our Factory
Our factory is located in Dongyang, 10 kilometers away from the city of trade - Yiwu. We have advanced hose production equipment and quality monitoring equipment, strictly followed by ISO 9001:2008 quality control system to maintain a high standard of quality, performance and durability.
Our Product
Industrial hose, auto hose, household hose
Product Application
Industrial auto household
Our Certificate
ISO9001, ISO16949, SAEJ20,30,tec.
Production Equipment
Screw mixer, Extruding machine, knitter, Vacuum machine
Production Market
Our products are exported to more than 20 countries across North America, Europe, Western Asia and have a great market in Arab countries.
Our service
Provide information, market research, forecasting, product customization, processing, sorting, providing advice, receiving telephone orders and mail order, providing a variety of convenience and financial services
Product design, free sending samples, reception services, pick up services
Technical training of delivery, installation, product exchange, repair, maintenance and use
                                buy 1 2 Air Hose
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