LED High Bay Lighting suppliers

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High Bay Lights 150W China Supplier
1.Using 24 BDO Runda 7070 high power LED as a light source, with a high thermal conductivity, light decline, pure light color, no ghosting and other characteristics.Best high bay light.
2. The heat sink forms a strip of radiating ribs. A through hole is formed between the radiating ribs and the radiating ribs. The air is free from convection and the heat dissipation efficiency is high.
3. The power box cover is designed with a special groove to install waterproof plastic strips, so that the lighting waterproof rating to IP66. Good led high bay.
4. The surface of the radiator is sprayed with outdoor powder and WF2 anti-corrosion treatment.
5. Energy-saving effect is obvious, compared with the sodium lamp can save more than 70%.UFO high bay light.
6. Light color optional, can choose according to different application environments or customers' different preferences flexible light source color temperature.
7. Good color rendering, marked up to 80 Ra or more, the real color of the more realistic. LED High bay lighting.
8. Using constant current and constant voltage control, suitable for wide voltage, no flicker, no noise.
9. Excellent decorative effect, appearance can choose a variety of colors, easy installation, easy removal.LED High Bay Lighting suppliers
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