China pvc pipe coating

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System  Description
The pipe anti-corrosion tape is a cold applied tape used for the corrosion protection of oil ,gas ,and water underground or overhead steel pipeline.
The XUNDA liquid adhesive can be used as primer for this anti corrosion tape. The liquid adhesive represent an anti corrosion layer and provide a uniformly smooth contact surface to promote high adhesion of inner tape to the steel pipe . They are designed for machine or brush application.
The Inner butyl rubber tape shall be applied after the liquid adhesive and before the pipeline protection tape.
Product  Composition
The composition of the pipe wrap tape - anti-corrosion tape consists of two layers, butyl rubber adhesive layer and film backing.
Adhesive : Butyl rubber
Film Backing: pvc
Backing0.229mm(9 mils)0.254mm(10mils)0.33mm(13mils)0.33mm(13mils)
Product  Features
Excellent adhesion to pipe and itself.
Can be applied over a wide temperature range.
Good conformability and consistent uniform thickness.
Easily applied with no special equipment.
Compatible with common pipe coatings.
Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment.
Meets ASTM D 1000 、EN 12068、AWWA C214、
C209 and other international standard.
Product  Properties
Product PropertiesTest MethodTypical Value
Tensile StrengthASTM D100043N/cm47N/cm52N/cm52N/cm
ElongationASTM D1000350%400%500%500%
Peel Strength  
to primed steelASTM D100033N/cm33N/cm33N/cm33N/cm
Cathodic DisbondmentASTM G8 En120680.25 in radius(6.4mm)
0.1 in radius(2.5mm)
Water Vapor  Transmission RateASTM F1249<0.3 g/㎡/24h
Volume ResistivityASTM E257>2.5 x 1015
Dielectric StrengthASTM D14920-23 KV
Water AbsorptivityASTM D570<0.1%
Impact ResistanceASTM G-14>5.5N.m
Temperature Range
For Application
For Service
5℃ - 50℃
-30℃ - 85℃
Recommended Primer
Xunda Primer P27
Ordering Information
XUNDA pipe anti-corrosion tape – inner tapes are available in rolls.
Product TypeStandard Ordering Options
Tape Thickness0.38mm、0.51mm、0.635mm、0.76mm
Tape Width50mm、100mm、150mm or others
Tape Length30m、50m、100m or others
Tape ColorBlack or others
Core diameter76mm or othersChina pvc pipe coating
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