Carbonization Furnace cost

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Continuous biomass carbonization furnace is the sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, straw, bark carbon wood materials such as plants (below 15 mm granular size) in the furnace under the condition of high temperature carbonization, the problem of high rate of anaerobic coking and coking charcoal machine series equipment.The continuous biomass carbonization furnace adopts the advanced technology of carbon monoxide, methane, oxygen and other combustible gas recovery, purification and cycle combustion during the carbonization process.Namely solves the common coking oven in the coking process of smoke pollution to the environment, and can solve the problem of charcoal machine equipment for heat, fully achieve the autonomous self, the continuity of the equipment was improved, economy, make full use of agriculture and forestry residues, make its waste, relieve the tense contradiction of supply and demand of resources, forestry for greening the environment to do more contribution.The flue gas produced in the carbonization process can be reignited by spraying, cooling, cleaning and other processes.In this way, we can use the heat generated by the self to burn the self to achieve the energy saving effect.Moreover, the gas in the pipeline is purified in the pipeline, and the production environment is free of flue gas and environmental protection.Carbonization Furnace cost
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