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Small Spray Dust Suppression Electric Manual Floor Sweeper PM780
Small Spray Dust Suppression Electric Manual Floor Sweeper PM780 hand-push type electric sweeper is an upgrade product of the traditional hand-push type sweeper. The machine has the functions of spraying and dust removal, and taking into account the functions of block and dust, and the electric power driving device is also arranged on the front and the back of the sweeper. And the cleaning efficiency and the cleaning quality of the sweeping machine are greatly improved.
Technical Data
Sweep Width780mmCharger Parameters
Input Voltage230V AC/50Hz
Sweep Area3800m2/hOutput Voltage12V
Dust Collector Volume50LEnd of Charge Voltage12.6V
Gross Weight22KGCharging Current4000mA
Packing Dimension锛圠*W*H锛?/p>810*300*830mmPump Parameters
Input Voltage12V
Battery Operation Time150minWater Tank Volume2.6L
Battery Parameters
Battery TypeLithium BatterySpray Time60min
Voltage12VSpray Head Sizes0.2mm/0.3mm
Wide Application Can collect dust particles, plastic bottles, leaves, paper chips, pericarp, etc.Electric drive for front and back brush Improve cleaning efficiency and save time.
Automatic spray dust suppression Eliminate dust, meet higher cleaning need.Exhaust filter device Set up dustproof cotton to prevent dust overflow.
Side brush down pressure device Effectively clean dead angleMultiple line protection Ensure safe operation in different environments.
Adjustable front brush height Meet different need of ground and garbage..Fold storage to save spaceManual Floor Sweeper for sale
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